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For multifamily, enterprises and offices

Integrated property and access management solution providing security, ease and convenience to manage every entry points from a single household, office unit to multiple units and properties by granting different roles and access control to family members, tenants, unit residents or employees.

WeChat Image 20220330112428Lockly Guard: Air Transfersupport bluetooth and wifi

  • Hack-proof PIN Genie® digital keypad
  • 3D biometric fingerprint sensor access - Stores up to 99 fingerprints
  • Doorbell with Entry and Exit button kits
  • Fast pass MIFARE RFID Access - Support up to 1,000 cards
  • Multi-tier Access Verification provides a combination of access verification to control your access
  • Stores up to 80 permanent PIN access codes
  • IPX4 rated for water protection
  • Issue Offline Access Codes™ that do not require users to download an app or have WiFi or Internet connection to use
  • eKeys & eBadges - Grant one-time use or specific time duration access by issuing codes, digital eKeys or eBadges remotely via a mobile device
  • Grant access, even when you’re not home - Remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere using the Lockly app
  • Remote Control & Monitoring - open/close, monitor status, receive alerts, from anywhere on your smartphone
  • Works with Lockly app and Lockly\OS™

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Function: Smart access control + Doorbell

Host Connectivity: Bluetooth, RF433.92MHzz + Lockly 2.0 Encryption protocol, PGH222 Secure Link 2.4 GHz, Connects to 12V DC

Indoor Wireless RF Receiver :(Optional) Bi-directional RF433.92MHz + Lockly 2.0 Encryption protocol, Connects to 12V DC Access Control Power Hub, Max <30mA power consumption

Door Sensors: Bi-directional RF433.92MHz + Lockly 2.0 Encryption Protocol

Working environment: -5 ~ 170°F(-20 ~ 76°C)

Dimensions (HxWxD):1316" x 2 78" x 1 116" (148mm x 73mm x 27mm)

Power supply input: 12V DC Max, current 3A

Free Lockly app for iOS or Android

Smart Access Control

Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub

MIFARE RFID Cards x 10

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Quick Start Guide

Installation Guide

User Manual

Optional Exit buttons and Wired or Wireless Doorbell


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