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Deadbolt 728W

Hack-Proof Keypad

Patented PIN Genie® keypad and 3D biometric fingerprint provides convenient and secure access with an easy to install deadbolt smart lock.

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Multiple Ways to Control

Product Features

100M+ accesses granted

Most trusted fingerprint sensor
smart lock

Hack-proof keypad

Patented PIN Genie® shuffling keypad numbers

Smartphone control

Open or close, share or revoke
access with others

Wi-Fi alerts and control

Get status, alerts, and control
from anywhere

Programmable auto-locking

Never worry about forgetting
to lock your door

Long lasting battery

Up to 10 months battery life
with typical uses


IPX4 works in -4°F to 151°F
(-20°C to 66°C)

Re-key capable

Replace the key not the lock
with standard re-key kit

Property Management

property management

See the big picture from here

Works with LocklyOS Total Access* a full property management system software,
products, and services designed to allow you to view and control where, when, and by whom
your property's being accessed from anywhere in the world.

Access and Control Options

Your finger is your key

Mobile app control

Programmable auto-locking

Real time smartphone alerts

Voice assistant control

Secure scan-to-open

Keyless Access

Secure, fast, and convenient on-site set-up, allows management of properties from anywhere

Secure Scan-to-Open

Unlock by unique QR code, revoke capability anytime

Mobile App Control

Unlock, lock, check door, track access history, and unique user profile data


Never worry about forgetting to lock the door with programmable auto-locking

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