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Fingerprint + Wi-Fi + Mobile App Smart Lock

Ideal for offices and homes, providing secure and innovative access solution.

WeChat Image 20220330112428Lockly Guard: Air Transfersupport bluetooth and wifi

  • Hack-proof PIN Genie® digital touchscreen
  • 3D biometric fingerprint sensor - Stores up to 99 fingerprints
  • Grant access, remotely lock and unlock your door when you're not home
  • Issue Offline Access Codes™ that do not require users to download an app or have WiFi or Internet connection to use
  • Remote lock and unlock from anywhere using the Lockly app
  • eKeys - Grant one-time use or specific time duration access by issuing codes or digital eKeys remotely via a mobile device
  • eBadge - Set time durations for users that can be revoked at any time
  • Real-time monitoring and control - Open/closed status in real-time via smartphone allowing you to know when deadbolt is extended or open
  • Air Transfer fingerprints and access profiles through your smart phone from one lock to another lock
  • Full control with Lockly app & Lockly\OS™


Function: Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

Backset: adjustable 2 38" or 2 34" (60mm or 70mm)

Door Handing: Reversible

Bolt: 1" (25mm) throw steel

Door Thickness: 1 38" - 2" (35mm - 50mm) automatic adjustment

Door Preparation: 2 18" (54mm) diameter face hole 1" (25mm) diameter latch hole

Power Supply: 8 x AA Batteries

Working environment: -5 ~ 170°F(-20 ~ 76°C)

Colors: Satin Nickel, Matte Black, Venetian Bronze

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Lockly Guard Deadbolt Smart Lock

Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub

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Mounting Plate x 2

Strike Plate

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8 x AA Batteries


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