Smart Living Properties partners with Lockly Pro to bring smart access control to their Smart Living apartments

Smart Living Properties partners with LocklyPro to bring smart access control to their Smart Living apartments

Smart Living Properties, based in Ottawa, Ontario, has been building and managing Smart Spaces since 2005. Smart Living facilitates a lifestyle of vibrance and convenience by developing fully furnished all-inclusive apartment complexes close to the neighborhoods where young professionals and students want to live. Locations provide desired options like being close to a job or university while providing turnkey living and community environments professionally designed, furnished, and outfitted with smart home technology. Their studio and bachelor apartments throughout Ottawa’s best neighborhoods are the perfect home base.

• Community focused
• Minimalist in design
• Affordable in cost
• High-end experience

Smart Living Properties

Smart Living is all about value while getting to live in a high-quality building in a prime location.

Studio and bachelor apartments feature spacious private suite that comes fully equipped with everything you need including smart mirrors, smart TVs, and smart digital locks with fingerprint access.

The challenge

When Smart Living was planning the opening of its 330 McLeod location it was looking for a partner to bring smart home access and security to its future residents. Rather than a one-and-done purchase of smart locks, they needed a partner that could be responsive to their particular needs and grow with them in the future. Facing a variety of challenges ranging from keeping track of keys to providing just-in-time access to staff and maintenance personnel, to managing access and tracking activity across every door, they turned to LocklyPro.

“Before working with LocklyPro, we were struggling with managing door access and management control across all our properties. We knew we needed a smart access solution but had a number of requirements ranging from working with a trusted industry leader with their own end-to-end integrated solutions, pro-level commercial products, and responsive customer support. We needed a partner to help us bring smart home convenience to our residents while providing us with real-time visibility, and access control. The solution also needed to be operationally easy to install, quick to set up, and easy for staff to take ownership of,” says Tanner Brady, Facility Technician, Smart Living Properties.

“We didn’t want to just install smart locks across our properties, we needed a total access solution. ”

The solution: Lockly Total Access™

Smart Living turned to LocklyPro for its Lockly Total Access solution to bring their properties into the smart home era and help provide security and convenience for its residents while managing smart access control. Marrying Lockly’s award-winning hardware with Lockly’s mobile app and Lockly\OS™ smart access online portal, staff can easily adapt, own, and set up rules and permissions to interact with residents and have complete Lockly smart lock management, traceability, and reporting across their entire property portfolio.

Residents can use their finger as their key!
Thanks to Lockly’s advanced 3-D fingerprint sensor, residents no longer need to worry about misplaced or lost keys. Door access is as simple as a touch of a button. Other added conveniences like auto-locking and patented PIN Genie digital touchscreen enhance the resident experience and underscore Smart Living’s commitment to high-quality amenities.

Lockly’s easy to deploy solution also provides Smart Living with remote control and management of all of its doors including residents, common, and secure areas. The ability to set up, issue time-based, revocable E-keys from anywhere, anytime significantly reduces the time spent for operations to manage and control door access for new residents, guests, and maintenance personnel.


“We didn’t want to just install smart locks across our properties, we needed a total access solution. We found this in our partnership with Lockly and could not be happier to work with them. In fact, we had an issue with calibrating some 50 locks during an install and were able to quickly reach support at Lockly to assist us. The company responded over the weekend with a software update completed in a couple of days, which quickly solved the issue. Being able to have that level of access and service response is a huge benefit for us. I can’t think of another company that performs such responsive customer service.” noted Brady.

“We don’t consider ourselves a company that just wants to sell you hardware. We want to develop a meaningful partnership with our customers where we can have a two-way relationship, says Jim Conti, Head of Lockly Pro.”


• Lockly Guard pro line of smart locks provides residents with superior smart home security and quick access without the need for physical keys.

• Property managers, staff, outside services, and vendors can now access every part of your property without having to manage physical keys or lockboxes.

• Lockly Total Access™ is a full property management system of software, products, and services designed to view and control where, when, and by whom your building’s doors are being used from anywhere in the world.

• Lockly\OS™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform empowers you to manage access and track activity across every door at every property.

• Lockly is the only vertically integrated IoT property access technology company with complete in-house end-to-end capabilities (design, engineering, manufacturing, software development, integration, and support) enabling us to work directly with our customers to quickly satisfy their unique needs.

• Dedicated in-house pro support experts make it easy for commercial customers to implement and manage their property access like a pro.

Let us show you how Lockly Total Access unlocks a host of new opportunities for access control. Our team of property management security experts are ready to work with you and your unique needs.

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