The award-winning property tech company’s patented digital touchscreen offers a new level of security for multifamily units, rental properties, and more

DALLAS, TX (April 25, 2022) – According to recent research conducted by Statista, the number of active households is expected to be equipped with smart home technology amount to 84.9 million users by 2026, including single home and multifamily units. This means it’s now more important than ever to ensure residents have the safest, most secure Total Access Solution protecting what matters most to them at their front door. As countless options flood the market with static keypads with worn sections due to repetitive codes, LocklyPro is proud to offer the only line of Pro-level access solutions featuring its patented PIN Genie technology. As creators of the world’s most advanced smart locks, Lockly Guard hardware champions with its peek-proof digital keypad with rotating display that provides a unique numerical order every time someone approaches the door.

Since launching in 2018, users around the world have enjoyed virtually undetectable numerical pins to deter any unwanted presence from stealing their access code. This patented algorithm displays four circular buttons with three randomized numbers in each button. After each access attempt, or when a user leaves and approaches the door, PIN Genie will randomly shuffle the display of the numbers so no one code sequence is ever replicated twice in a row. For even greater security in high traffic areas such as apartment complexes or dormitories, Lockly Guard access solutions can be programed to shuffle the numbers after every push of a button. Once three unsuccessful pin attempts have been made, the PIN Genie keypad is disabled to prevent unwanted access for a specific period set by the owner.

Whether it’s residential housing or even commercial spaces, Lockly Guard products include Total Access Solutions for traditional and mortise lock setups, as well as sliding and swinging style doors, and even access keypads.

“One of the most common responses we receive when new customers see PIN Genie is ‘I can’t believe I haven’t put this on my door sooner’, and now with our ability to provide products to any multifamily unit space or commercial property, we can confidently say we are making access solutions around the world safer than ever before,” says Jim Conti, VP of Pro Channel. “From our level of security, to the flexibility to meet any commercial demand, and especially our vertical integration through a dedicate LocklyPro app and Lockly\OS for property managers, our Lockly Guard smart locks raise the standard of what people expect from Total Access Solutions.”

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LocklyPro team is focused on revolutionizing the way we secure homes, offices and personal items. Lockly Guard smart locks, based on the patented PIN Genie® technology, features the world’s first secure digital touch screen making it virtually impenetrable. Lockly’s team of engineers and security experts have spent the past 20+ years designing, manufacturing and patenting the world’s most innovative and secure lock solutions.

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