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Z-Wave Smart Lock

Patented PIN Genie® keypad and 3D biometric fingerprint provides convenient and secure access with an easy to install deadbolt smart lock.

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Multiple Ways to Control

Product Features

Hack-proof keypad

Patented PIN Genie® shuffling keypad numbers

100M+ accesses granted

Most trusted fingerprint sensor smart lock

Programmable auto-locking

Never worry about forgetting
to lock your door

Re-key capable

Replace the key not the lock
with standard re-key kit

Smartphone control

Open or close, share or revoke
access with others

Wi-Fi alerts and control*

Get status, alerts, and control
from anywhere

Long-lasting battery

Up to 10 months battery life
with typical uses


IPX4 works in -4°F to 151°F
(-20°C to 66°C)

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