Off Campus Property Management Enhances Student Housing Security and Efficiency with LocklyPRO

Off Campus Property Management, a leading provider of off-campus student housing in St. George, Utah, is dedicated to delivering exceptional management solutions tailored to the unique needs of students and property owners. With decades of experience in professional student housing management, their full-time team possesses extensive knowledge of housing laws and student housing trends. They offer comprehensive services, from marketing to move-out, ensuring maximum occupancy and income for property owners while eliminating common challenges associated with student housing.

Seeking to optimize security and streamline access control processes, Off Campus integrated Lockly smart locks and access management control into their properties, transforming their operations.



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Faced with the task of efficiently changing door access for students during turnover periods, Off Campus sought a solution that would streamline the process. “We have a turnover at the end and the start of each semester, so we needed efficient ways to change access codes for students,” explained Jeremy Horn, Director of Facilities at Off Campus Property Management. “Previously, we used Kwikset smart locks, which required manual code changes at each lock annually. It was a cumbersome, time-consuming process. We wanted to assign each tenant their own unique code and easily update these across our 125+ locks, all with minimal effort.”

To address these challenges, Off Campus turned to LocklyPro and implemented the Lockly Total Access Solution. With Lockly’s award-winning hardware, mobile management app, and cloud-based online portal, staff can effortlessly set up access codes, rules, and permissions for residents all through a single pane of glass view from anywhere. This comprehensive solution enables complete lock management, traceability, and reporting across their entire property portfolio enhancing the safety and convenience for their student residents.


The Transition to Lockly

“It was important that we were implementing a solution that met our business and resident needs. We did a two-month test phase with LocklyPRO and then a wider rollout, including Secure Pro deadbolts, Lockly Access Portal (LAP), and mobile app—their Total Access Solution. Having previously implemented different smart lock options, including the Kwikset Halo, which had connectivity and battery life issues, we were impressed by the functionality and reliability of Lockly’s solution. So much so, we proceeded to transition our entire portfolio of 125+ units over a short period. The installation process went smoothly, and we especially appreciated the ability to assign individual codes to tenants from the app or portal, enhancing security and efficiency.”

“It was important that we were implementing a solution that met our business and resident needs.”

– Jeremy Horn, Off Campus Property Management


The implementation of Lockly Total Access brought several advantages to their operations:

• Enhanced Security and Convenience: By utilizing features like auto-locking and assigning individual access codes remotely, Off Campus Property Management eliminated concerns about misplaced keys and unauthorized access. The locks provided added security, such as quick biometric access, for their predominantly female tenants, giving parents peace of mind.

• Efficient Access Control: With the ability to manage access codes remotely through the Lockly LAP (Lockly Access Portal) and mobile app, property managers saved significant time and effort. They appreciated the option to upload tenant information and batch-send email invitations with unique codes to tenants at the beginning of a new semester, streamlining the onboarding process.

• Traceability and Reporting: While Off Campus Property Management did not encounter security incidents that required detailed tracing, they acknowledged the availability of Lockly’s traceability features for potential use in the future. They valued the visibility provided by Lockly’s LAP and app, enabling them to monitor battery levels and ensure timely replacements.

• Time Savings and Efficiency: Maintenance personnel greatly benefited from the scan-to-open feature, allowing them to quickly unlock doors without searching for locks in the app. Routine pest control and carpet cleaning services found convenience in scanning the small QR code included on Lockly locks, granting them easy access to individual units.


Positive Results and Tenant Satisfaction

Off Campus Property Management reported positive feedback from their tenants regarding Lockly smart locks. The advanced features and enhanced security measures resonated well with their student residents. The ability to offer fingerprint access, mobile app functionality, and unique access codes distinguished their properties from competitors, attracting tenants who prioritize modern security solutions and smart home convenience.

“Through our successful partnership with Lockly we have experienced significant improvements in security, efficiency, and tenant satisfaction across our student housing properties. The integration of Lockly’s innovative features allows us to differentiate ourselves in the market and provide a secure living environment for our students.

We appreciate LocklyPRO’s commitment to listening and understanding our unique needs, providing ongoing upgrades and enhancements, they continue to help prioritize the safety and convenience of our tenants.”


Lessons Learned & Key Takeaways

• Lockly Total Access provides a comprehensive property management solution that includes software, hardware, and services, offering users worldwide visibility, control, and seamless management of door access through Lockly’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

• The integration of Lockly Guard smart locks and LocklyPRO software management provides property managers with enhanced smart home security while offering tenants convenient access without the hassle of physical keys or complicated lock programming.

• Property managers, staff, contractors, and vendors can now access all areas of the property without the need for physical keys or lockboxes, simplifying access control.

• As a vertically integrated IoT property access technology firm, Lockly possesses full internal end-to-end capabilities, including design, engineering, manufacturing, software development, integration, and support.


Explore the possibilities of access control with Lockly Total Access. Our team of property management security experts are here to collaborate with you and address your unique needs. Contact us.

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